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08.18.2016 by Michael McAllister
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Pittsburgh has had quite the week.  In case you have missed it, here are some of the stories of Pittsburgh making waves in the national media. Bon Appétit. The venerated culinary magazine further reinforces why it named us the next big food city ... [more]
New Moon Gathering @ Juju - 09/01/2016 Join Alison Garber from Native Apothecary, Adrienne Rozzi of Poison Apple Printshop and Juju in a new moon conversation and intention setting workshop. $5 tickets, refreshments provided, laughter is free![more]
Crafts and Drafts Record Hop @ East End Brewing - 09/03/2016 To celebrate the release of Big Hop Harvest the East End Brewing Company is throwing a special "Record Hop" Crafts & Drafts! Join us at the brewery for vintage vinyl, music-themed artwork, record art, and food & ice cream! Stock up on records while you enjoy a free sample of Big Hop Harvest, (or Root Beer for the kids). - Used vinyl market with multiple sellers, curated by J. Malls! - Music-themed art & gig posters from strawberryluna, Good Mail Day Club, and others! - Vinyl spin art crafts for the whole family with Handmade Arcade - Food from Pgh Po'boy and La Palapa, Mexican Gourmet Kitchen - Ice cream from Millie's Homemade Ice Cream Free and Family Friendly! Close out summer with a Big Hop Harvest![more]
The Weekend Send 2016 Finale @ Mignonette Ally - 09/04/2016 Here we are, the end of summer. But there will be another Summer Sunday Block Party to send it all off. Ace Hotel and Hot Mass present the ultimate summer block party series in Mignonette Alley. Maybe you've slept all night and are coming fresh, maybe you're cruising through round 3. Either way, they put together some impeccable day party lineups that are going to put the Impact Audio system to work. Bars will be set up outside to make sure the day is properly set to party. ROUND THREE LINEUPS: - JASMINE INFINITI is a trans woman of color artist and DJ who was born and raised in the Bronx and now resides in the Bay. She is the self-described “Queen of Hell” and is an integral part of the New York vogue house, House of Infiniti. You have no idea how hard she is going to wreck you. - BOO LEAN AKA Lauren Goshinski is one of those people responsible for dragging Pittsburgh kicking and screaming into the future with her. Co-founder of the VIA Music & New Media Festival and part of artist collective Dad Pranks, she can also throw down in the DJ booth. - CLARK PRICE is one of the co-founders of the queer all-night rager, Honcho, happening at hot mass. Heavy on drums and totally tripped out, his music tastes inhabit a unique space for Pittsburgh DJs that nobody else can really touch. - JARRETT TEBBETS is King Disco of PGH. Responsible for the Cured party at Remedy, the one that feeds a pork dish to party-goers, as well as the wildly popular 4th Saturdays night at Hot Mass, he's all the sunshine we'll need.[more]
Out of the Kitchen
Urbanist Interview Image
Bethany Zozula, Executive Chef, Whitfield / Ace Hotel
  How long have you worked in your position? Since October 2015, before we had a kitchen. Whitfield & the hotel opened in December of last year. Prior to the hotel, I was the sous chef at Eleven in the Strip. What do you cook at home? If I’m just cooking for myself, I usually […] [more]