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To my own detriment, I am not a fan of repeating things. It can be easier, more efficient but to me often falls on the side of a ‘it’s been done’ attitude.  These principles hold especially true for parties.  You want things to b ... [more]


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    E2′s Sunday Sauce is a big fat family-style dinner designed to get people together to eat great food. It’s just like eating at Grandma’s house (lots of red sauce, lots of yelling). The last Sunday of each month join E2 to share pasta and meatballs, wine, and fantastic company. Limited Reservations. Bring your Bottle. Bring your Mess. Dinner bell rings at 6pm. For details and reservations call or email. or 412-441-1200[more]
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    In some ways, this album was four years in the making,” says Colin Meloy, frontman and primary songwriter of the Decemberists. “We were on hiatus, so we had all the time we could want, no schedule or tour, no expectations.” With the ability to work at their own pace, the resulting record, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World, is the band’s most varied and dynamic work, both musically and emotionally. Since their earliest recordings more than a decade ago, the Decemberists have always been known for their sense of scope and daring—from “The Tain,” an eighteen-and-a-half minute 2004 single based on an Irish myth to their last two ambitious, thematic albums, The Hazards of Love and The King is Dead.[more]
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    alt-J follow up their debut album An Awesome Wave with This Is All Yours. The debut sold over a million copies worldwide and was the 2012 Mercury Prize winner, and the band found themselves at the outset of making a follow up in a new position of recording an album that was actually anticipated, and having gone from a four piece to a trio. This Is All Yours is emphatically, even defiantly, alt-J. When An Awesome Wave came out, the seemingly contradictory duality the band’s music contained baffled some, who heard only the complexity and missed the beauty. The band, Joe says, were conscious of this, too – and, he admits, have sometimes struggled with the issue themselves. “We work incredibly hard to craft our sound, but at the same time we are running on gut. It’s hard to work out which is instinct and which nurture.” “But both are all right,” interrupts Gus. Lyrically, the album balances the cryptic with the sensuous. “On the first record,” Joe explains, “most of the lyrics and the narratives had a meaning. But on this one, there are moments where I sing words, but I’m not aware what those words are, if that makes sense. When we actually sat down to do the lyrics, I had to really listen to what I was singing on the tape. Sometimes, they don’t make any sense; I suspect that people are going to come up with some fairly interesting interpretations of those moments.” In other words, over to us. Which is, Joe says, the point of the album title. “That’s sort of what it means. Once the record is out, it’s yours. You own it.”     ***Information provided by Pittsburgh Cultural Trust[more]

Three Meals & a Bar

Adam Shuck   Creator, Eat That, Read This
Breakfast: I’ve long been a huge fan of E2 for dinner–I go there specifically for their porcini cappelletti–but after experiencing their weekend brunch, I’m devoted for life. Popular for their breakfast doughnuts, beignets, and zeppoli, I’m still dreaming about their breakfast salad: eggs and bacon and toast, plus gorgonzola, balsamic dressing, and pecans. In a hearty […] [more]
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