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Jay A. Grassell at UnSmoke Systems
05.19.2015 by
Art at its best is so unpredictable, so surprising, that it can make you fall in love with something you hated. Maybe “hate” is a bit strong for my feelings about shaped canvases; maybe “snooze” is more appropriate. But either way, I was neve ... [more]


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    Join sister publication, Beaux Arts, as they celebrate the release of their first S/S edition with some rosé and fresh shucked oysters in the beautiful and newly expanded hot haute hot.[more]
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    On May 31st, Pittsburgh's most unique race will send hundreds of Pittsburghers to secret and special places throughout the city. The City Spree is a city-wide race...without a course. Runners and walkers create their own path through the city to discover its secret places and hidden gems. Individuals and groups are welcome, as racers compete on speed, distance, and cleverness--as long as they make it back in time. Unlike a normal road run, racers in The City Spree start in the middle of the race course, surrounded by checkpoints on all sides. Racers choose their own path from checkpoint to checkpoint, winding their way through the city’s neighborhoods and discovering the hidden connections between them. And the race isn't just for fun: as each runner's path is recorded, a data-rich map of the city is created, illustrating the places residents are willing to go, and igniting discussion about accessibility and connection between the city's neighborhoods. Returning for it's third year, the City Spree is now part of Open Streets! Join in to run through sections of Downtown, the Strip District, and Lawrenceville as they're closed to motorized traffic the morning of May 31, and explore even more of the city as you create your own course along sidewalks and trails. Learn more about Open Streets at The City Spree kicks off  the morning of May 31st, Downtown at Market Square. More information and registration for the City Spree is available at For more information contact Adam Nelson, Director of City of Play, at[more]
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    Weather Permitting is a weekly outdoor concert series held at the Shadyside Nursery. Each Sunday, the nursery transforms into a vibrant event space that features bands, beer from local breweries, food trucks and a farmer’s marketplace. We also have been known to have squirt gun battles and hula-hoop fun for kids of all ages. More than just an event, this collaboration of local folks was built with the intention of supporting and promoting small businesses. With a permit that allows for expansion, this year Weather Permitting is growing and able to offer additional space for local farm stands and other vendors to promote and sell their goods on site. May 31 - Slim Forsythe & His New Payday Loners June 14 - Coronado & Grand Piano & Haygood Paisleys June 21 - Truth & Rites & Working Poor June 28 - Beauty Slap & Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands July 5 - Union Rye & Chet Vincent and Big Bend July 12 - Machete Kisumontao & Shelf LIfe String Band + Guests July 26 - Robin Vote, Dream Phone & Turpentiners Aug 2 - Arlo Aldo & TBA Aug 16 - Wreckids Aug 23 - Armadillos Aug 30 - Red Western Sept 6 - Matthew Tembo[more]

Three Meals & a Bar

Jess Cole   Social Media Strategist, Freelance Stylist , ModCloth
  Breakfast: I love to start my day with either a soy latte from Constellation Coffee or a almond latte from 4121 Main. Both shops have a bright, airy interiors and their respective unique offerings; I love introducing friends to these Bloomfield gems. Lunch: With an office in Crafton, there aren’t tons of options close-by. Luckily, Tartine exists in […] [more]
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