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A/W: Christian Kinkela & Aaron Kinkela, Shop412
10.21.2014 by
What is a must every fall/winter? One of our favorite things to do is take a quick drive to the Laurel Highlands. There is so much to do, amazing history, and the scenery is out of a movie. It even attracted some key influencers this summer; NYC-base ... [more]


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    Music SPACE, presented by Space, a project of The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Curated by Andy Mulkerin and Amy Wellock Staggs Doors 8pm Music at 8:30pm (unless otherwise noted) $5 cover All ages 10/24 Brooke Annibale and Shayontani Banerjee (Shani) Pittsburgh native and singer-songwriter Brooke Annibale combines earthy vocals and acoustic pop folk sounds. Her lyrics tell tales of love, loss, faith, and finding oneself, at once both deeply personal and universal. Her new EP Words in Your Eyes showcases a performer in transition, “featuring less of the acoustic folk pop sound that has appeared on her previous releases” and focusing “instead on an electric sound mixed with ambient sensibilities and lots of orchestration.” Performing with Brooke Annibale will be Pittsburgh born and raised, Shani Banerjee, who is no stranger to the road less traveled. Sourcing experiences from folk and outlaw country to heavy metal and rock & roll, Shani weaves together tales of unkept women, vengeful lovers, and conversations with death for her first solo performance in four years. She is currently recording her debut album in which she emphasizes vices and loss in a world gone mad.[more]
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    e2's sunday sauce is a big, fat, family-style dinner designed to get people together to eat great food. It's just like eating at grandma's house (lots of red sauce, lots of yelling). the last sunday of each month sunday sauce invites you to get together, share wine, eat meatballs and they'd love to see you there. limited reservations. bring your bottle. bring your mess. dinner bell rings at 6pm. Reservations for the event are available at the link above.  For additional details, call ( 412-441-1200) or email (                [more]
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    Every Monday night, Copper Kettle will be opening the brewery for a different purpose, functioning as a yoga studio. This unique experience offers yoga lovers a change of scenery, adding a bit of extra fun to the art of Yoga. Join us every Monday for an hour long yoga class with a certified instructor, swag and prizes from brewery sponsors, and to complete the whole experience, a beer at Hough's. To register for a class, visit [more]

In the Beginning

Lauren Goshinski & Quinn Leonowicz   Co-Directors, VIA
Projects: VIA Festival, events & special projects including music booking, curating, developing & commissioning special art/tech projects, event production What was the defining moment that propelled you to start VIA? It was made up of a bunch of moments between 2008 – 2010. It may be more important to note the defining moment when we decided to […] [more]
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