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Gallery Crawl After Dark: Cosmopolitan Pittsburgh Party
07.02.2014 by
When the PGH Cultural Trust hosts Gallery Crawl Downtown, people jump on the opportunity to head into town.  The streets, restaurants and of course galleries are packed with people from across the region for a chance to bop all across town to see ... [more]


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    Camera Obscura live at Mr. Smalls      [more]
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      ЯΛRΞ ИNUĐΞS SHOWCASE 21+ / $5 / Cattivo / Doors @ 8pmA mid-week party for delinquent club sounds, spastic dancing, and the internet turned inside out. ... ЯΛRΞ ИNUĐΞS A net label dedicated to having new release from inventive artists every Wednesday accompanied by fresh art and visuals created by the label. Now 35+ releases deep ЯΛRΞ ИNUĐΞS is making a US tour with its 4 core members: ✌✌✌ Bored Lord Label founder, electronic music producer, and digital visual artist and animator – his aural landscapes traverse samples and synthesis ranging from uptempo polyrhythmic juke and jungle flips to slower low-key synth-laden R&B efforts. His visual output explores 3D realms transformed through motion, draped with social media icons and google search bars. ✌✌✌ BasteinGOAT Bay Area producer and DJ, BasteinGOAT keeps crowds moving with a wide variety of sounds -from tapped-out future bass, R&B sampled boombap, nautical/tropical beats, to his own take on bay area hyphy hip-hop. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Sango, Kaytranada, DJ Assault. ✌✌✌ minivan_markus Through inward reflection and isolation minivan_markus produces monoliths of sound and design with sub0centric grooves. Visuals travel through detailed environments of natural scenery and abstract objects. ✌✌✌ p l a i n t e x t Singing about straight lines and negative space while absentmindedly eyeing the void / dynamic arrangement / stylistic variation / polyrhythmic kit work / composed glitch art / full of shit. +++ plusssssss +++ ✌✌✌ Little Flowers Recommended if you like … Konono No. 1 … Autechre … Morton Subotnick … Death Grips … Fuck Buttons … Alexander Shulgin Experimental electro-rock from B-more, Chris Meszler (drums, formerly of Upsilon Acrux, Bad Dudes) and Jesse Stiles (electronics & vocal-sounds, formerly of Face Removal Services, composer for The Merce Cunningham Dance Company) serve up cazy, banging live performances – no canned loops, no click track, no cooked structures – doused in blinking lights, disorienting video projections, and Meszler and Stiles sweating like mutants as they freak the fuck out on stage.  [more]
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    Brunching with the big leagues since 2013. Catch us for our monthly patio brunch party celebrating you making it through another month. Solid tunes and wild times mandatory. Bottomless mimosas optional.  And this brunch will be extra epic as also celebrating Round Corner Cantina's 5th Anniversary!  Expect extra wildness and festivities to ring in five more years of tequila, tecate, and tacos at CANTINA! * $30 Bottomless mimosa * DJ sets by Pelligrosa (Austin, TX) * Two private cabanas available * Reservations required. Email[more]

Three Meals & a Bar

Leah Lizarondo   Food Writer and Activist, The Brazen Kitchen
Breakfast During the work week, I mostly eat breakfast at home but weekend brunch is a different story. It’s a great way to indulge and celebrate weekends. My top brunch places are Eden in Shadyside – great veg, gluten free and raw food that even omnivores will love; Square Café in Regent Square – a […] [more]
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