Jarrett Tebbets loves a hoagie.  He loves a hoagie unlike anyone we know, a true hoagie savant.  So we wanted to know…who’s running the best hoagie game in town?

Where did your love of the hoagie start, paint us a picture? Growing up as a kid, my father would take my sister & me to Pirates games. Our father, who was notoriously cheap, didn’t like to buy us food in the stadium nor pay for parking (we ALWAYS parked across from the Moose Lodge), so my mom would always pack a cooler full of italian hoagies. From there, that cooler full of hoagies always seemed to follow me as a kid up until current day. Seriously, from weddings to funerals or Kennywood Days to Pirate games, I always seemed to have an italian hoagie to eat.

Where are you getting a hoagie to take to a party/tailgate?  If you’re trying to make a good first impression at a tailgate or party, I’m going to Carhop’s in Monroeville and getting the Grand Sport Sedan (single meat/party) or Carhop’s Special (dbl meat/tailgate). The GSS would be the perfect party hoagie, and the CS would be the perfect tailgate hoagie. They’re both 2 feet in length, and packed with the right amount of salami, capicola, cooked salami, provolone, L/T/O, and topped with their hot pepper relish. It’s that spicy relish that makes this hoagie is a step above the rest.

If you are taking your wife on a hoagie date, where do you go? We’re going to Dianoia’s in the Strip District. There’s a few reasons for that; 1) They make one of the best italian hoagies in the city 2) It doesn’t have the pizza shop/deli ambiance if you’re looking to make it sexy 3) They serve booze 4) They have got more than just pizza and hoagies. OPTIONS. *THIS IS A LUNCH DATE *

Where is your 2am hoagie of choice?  Eh, I’m not really thinking about one at 2am because options are limited. I’m not really into gas station hoagies, and at that hour, the quality isn’t going to be there. So i’m like “f*ck it, i’m going to bed, i’ll eat one in the morning”…however, here’s a 2am hoagie protip: if you’re in Downtown Pittsburgh, there are 2 places that are open until 3am where you can get something a little better than a gas station Italian hoagie. R & B’s Pizza Place & Genoa Pizza Bar

Hungover hoagie? Sunseri’s in the Strip District or Merrante’s Groceria in Oakland. Both are bread heavy, cheap, and open early on Saturday morning. They’re not the best Italian hoagies, but they will help your hangover.

Hands down best in PGH? You know, I haven’t found it yet…i’ve had a lot of Italian Hoagies in Pittsburgh, I mean a lot, but I’ve yet to find that 10/10. If I had to give an answer as to who is the best at this very moment, Dianoia’s is going to be my answer. When they’re on, they’re on. They bake their own bread, they use quality meats, and it’s a just an overall quality hoagie. Important note: their Italiano doesn’t come with cheese, so remember to add cheese.

Best Hoagie in the country?  So my wife & I are were driving down the coast from Portland to San Fransisco and stopping at various places along the way. One of those stops was at Napa Valley. We were newly engaged, we had already been to 3 wineries that morning and were hungry. I wanted an italian Hoagie, so I asked our GPS where we could get one and it lead us to this little Italian grocery market. It looked promising but upon entering I discovered that it was just a market. I asked the man at the register where I could get a good hoagie and he told me to go W F Giugni & Son & St. Helena, CA. Before I could get out the door the man shouts, “make sure you get it with the Giugni Juice!”.  So that’s what we did, we went to W F Giugni & Son, got it with the Juice, and it was one of the best hoagies I’ve ever had. It wasn’t a 10/10, but the whole experience made that sandwich one of the best memories which translates to me as one of the best hoagies.

If you are making a hoagie at home, what is on it? Depends on the mood, but it’s probably going to be a blend of hot capicola, genoa salami, virginia ham, sharp provolone, L/T/O, balsamic Italian dressing. MUST BE COLD! No mayo & no heat. That one reminds me of being a kid.  And you can come taste one of my hoagie for yourself at my italian hoagie pop up at Spirit Summer recess!

If this interview was simply not enough of a deep dive in PGH hoagie culture, you can find Jarrett spinning music across the city like  Hoagie & DJ events; Italian Hoagie Pop-Up at Spirit Summer Recess / August 12th Cold Cut pres. Basic Soul Unit & J-UL at Hot Mass and his monthly DJ set at Remedy on the first Friday of the month, Cured.