One of my favorite parts about summer is a lazy stroll with an iced coffee, popping into shops all along the way.  If you find yourself in Lawrenceville this weekend by chance or plan, your summer stroll will be even better with the Lawrenceville Sidewalk Sale, which starts this Wednesday through Sunday!  Up and down Butler Street, check out racks and tables from some of our favorite spots with the chance to stock up on some solid deals.

To achieve the perfect summer stroll, start off right with an iced coffee from Constellation Coffee or Espresso a Mano; either will put you at a solid starting spot in Lower Lawrenceville.  Then start your way up Butler St as you have a lot of ground to cover.  We recommend to break up the day with snacks and sips along the way, maximizing leisure at with every block!  Here is our game plan:

Lower Lawrenceville:

  • Shopping: Pageboy, Sapling Press, Divertido, Pavement, Jupe
  • Snacking: Coca Cafe
  • Sipping: Espresso a Mano

Central/Middle Lawrenceville: 

  • Shopping: Mid-Atlantic Mercantile, Jules, Wildcard, 720 Music & Clothing
  • Snacking: La Gourmandine
  • Sipping: Industry Public House

Upper Lawrenceville: 

  • Shopping: Who New?
  • Snacking: Wild Purveyors
  • Sipping: Sampling at Hop Farm and Roundabout Breweries