We love BYOB restaurants.   There is something about it that makes it seem like you are beating the system.  You bring your vino or beer in wrapped in paper.  When you sit down, the extras get slipped under the table quickly as if to hide it.  Its all very sneaky and fun at the same time.  And increasingly there are a number of terrific places that we love, especially for late night summer dining.   Here are some of our favorites:

Pusadee’s Garden: Their patio below begs for you to bring several bottles and hang out all night!


Piccolo Forno:  Its no wonder that Piccolo Forno is one of our favorites BYOBs.  We are poor planners and there is a liquor store two blocks down the street!  That and its absolutely excellent every time.

E2:  Plan to enjoy a bottle outside or downstairs while you wait for a table at this tiny Italian gem.  But trust us, its worth the wait.

Penn Ave Fish:  They swap out their sammies for amazingly fresh main plates here without missing a beat.  You will be happy you and your wine picked Penn Ave.

Cafe du Jour: The tiny gravel courtyard is the perfect escape for a date away from the craziness of Carson St.

Fukuda: Whether early supper or late night eats, this Bloomfield Japanese BYOB is always hard to not pick.

Coca Cafe:  Same fresh and homey dishes as breakfast/lunch but with booze.  Cant argue with that!

Avenue B: Bring that nice bottle of wine you’ve been holding onto and treat yourself to a delicious night on the town.