Moon Baby was implanted inside the body of artist Sam Perry six years ago.  Since then, Pittsburgh has been showered with performances, glamor, music, glitter and more.  But what does Moon Baby do when she’s not on stage?  What does Moon Baby eat?  Where can we hang with her?  We went straight to the source for an intimate look at a day in the life of the one and only….Moon Baby.

Urbanist: What time does Moon Baby wake up?  What’s her morning routine?

Moon Baby: If moi just had a gig the night before, moi is probably still awake. For the “morning,” moi douches with a rose quartz stone and still water captured from the rapids of McConnell’s Mill and meditates for a while to get that Katy Perry woke glow.

Urbanist: What is Moon Baby wearing today?  Where does Moon Baby shop?

Moon Baby: There are so many amazing designers in Pittsburgh but when all else fails, a cute school girl dress from this small Parisian boutique, Zara. In the city, I love Eons and Construction Junction.

Urbanist: Where is a go to lunch, coffee or cocktail spot for Moon Baby?

Moon Baby:  For lunch, I steal a Blue Apron subscription meal service off of someone’s stoop.  For caffeine, Moon Baby heads to Constellation‘ a Mano, Voluto or pretty much any other shop that sounds like a baby blue matte scooter.  For a cocktail, Neid’s in upper Lawrenceville or a bottle of poppers at Club Pittsburgh.

Urbanist: How about for dinner or drinks before a show?  Any routines before a performance?

Moon Baby: I always watch a few scenes from Overboard before putting on a face, yell at my best friend that no one is coming, that art is selfish and I should make this my last show.  Then I eat some sort of lean meat with a Miller High Life.

Urbanist: Ok, its showtime…what are you favorite pieces to perform? What are you most excited to perform of your new material?

Moon Baby: I love mixing the art of the lip sync with live vocals. If it were marketable, I would lip sync the five minute Marguerite Perrin Trading Spouses psychic break on a loop for at least an hour. I have a new song called Pumps by the Pool that I can’t wait to blast all over the world and probably the best song I’ve ever written about video games, air planes and cute boys called Yours Truly.

Urbanist: After the show celebratory location?

Moon Baby: Real Luck Cafe and then Hot Mass and then my friend Kym’s back yard and then Sonny’s and then it’s Monday and I’m at Ace Hotel downing a corn dog and asking for an employee discount on my $2 beer because all the money I made being glamorous has been spent turning into a garbage person.

Want to see the glamorous Moon Baby yourself?  Of course you do! And you are in luck, Moon Baby is hosting a retrospective/ pop-up department store/general debauchery on April 9th at the Ace Hotel.  Joining her is a slew of personalities and Moon Baby surprises.  More details here  Sam’s Club at Ace Hotel on April 9th!  We’ll see you there.  Also, hide your Blue Apron subscriptions guys,