When we think of fall things, a lot of what comes to mind are beverages: warm sips of cocoa, full-bodied wines, seasonal beers reminiscent of autumn desserts and, if you’re outdoorsy, maybe even coffee prepared around a campfire. While beverages in the summertime are meant to hydrate and refresh, fall beverages are a little bit slower, more flavorful, and meant to be enjoyed somewhere cozy and relaxing.

If you’re always on the hunt for that next great dish, try something different this season and make your way around the city in search of our favorite fall libations. From your pit stop before work to your post-office happy hour, here are the drinks you should be sipping in Pittsburgh this fall.

Redhawk Coffee’s Honey Cinnamon Latte

We’re fans of this sweet and spicy latte all year long, but it’s especially enjoyable once that first bite of cooler weather hits the air. Pop into this pocket-sized Oakland cafe to try this simple but delicious latte with your choice of milk, and be on the lookout for Redhawk’s new location downtown later this month.

Dancing Gnome’s Toad Lily

Florals? For fall? Groundbreaking — no, but really! We don’t really think of floral-flavored beverages during the colder months, but Dancing Gnome does; this can release is a part of their September Flower Series, and it’s hopped with Loral, Summer and Citra, which makes it the perfect beer for those who are having a bit of trouble with this whole seasonal transition thing.

Manor Theater’s Old Fashioned 
You might not think of a movie theater’s lobby bar as a place for great cocktails, but trust us when we say that Manor Theater’s cocktails are great. While many of them have cute names based on classic films, we prefer to order a stiff Old Fashioned, pair it with a large popcorn and settle in for a new release on a chilly fall night.

Ace Hotel’s Lost in Translation 
And speaking of movie title-themed libations: Ace Hotel’s Lost in Translation cocktail is one of those things that you just have to taste to believe. Blending tequila and dry sherry with coffee liqueur, this house cocktail is also included on the happy hour menu, so make plans with your co-workers to check it out once the weather gets too chilly for patio hangs.

Fish nor Fowl’s Seasonal Cocktail Pairings

Rather than try to choose one particular cocktail, let’s just say that you should make a reservation at the brand new Fish nor Fowl in Garfield to experience their entire cocktail pairing list. From a drink that combines mezcal and madeira with blue algae and sea salt foam to another that blends ginever, juniper, blanc vermouth and lady grey tea, it’s impossible to choose just one — or to resist pairing a new one with each course.

Southern Tier’s Chai Infused Pumking
What is there to say, really? The quintessential fall beer is about to get even fall-er. The pumpkin ale is brewed with pumpkin, natural pie spices and infused with chai tea, making this quite possibly the most autumnal beer you’ll ever drink.

Bartender’s Choice at Allegheny Wine Mixer

While we aren’t turning a glass of wine any time of year, fall lends itself to causally kicking back with a smooth pinot noir, a peppery garnacha or a crisp brut.  And for that perfect pick, we turn to the staff at AWM for a recommendation from their deep wine list by the glass to match your fall feelings of the day.