Words that strike fear into all mothers.  Most mothers do not cringe at jewelry or tickets to a show but a homemade gift…that can be a different story.   But since most mothers are amazing, they have honed the skill to immediately smile and offer up an incredible sense of gratitude (some better than others) upon receiving whatever monstrosity that landed in their lap.

It is not that the thought of a homemade gift isn’t sweet, it’s just that the execution of said gift is usually, well, bad.  Add in that mothers have to display this gift that was haphazardly assembled for some time (at least time you come over again and notice it) and you begin to understand why mothers ask for ‘world peace’ and ‘that you all get along’ instead of these design disasters.

‘Oh, isn’t this painting of a guerilla you made after drinking a bottle of wine just lovely.’

So this year, we are looking out for all you mothers out there.  In partnership with Ace Hotel & 4121 Main, this Saturday we will be hosting Mums the Word to ensure that Mother’s Day is filled with beautiful flowers and not bottles of sand art.  The event will feature the incredibly talented Thommy Conroy, co-owner of 4121 Main demonstrating how to build an amazing vase of garden flowers, which double as a gift for Mother’s Day.  Each attendee will receive a table of assorted fresh flowers, a glass vase and any additional supplies needed as well as a welcome cocktail to kick start your creativity.

A handful of tickets remain so for all those still looking for a gift for their Mom, jump on it. For those who are planning alternate homemade gifts, remember, karma is a bitch.  And your birthday isn’t that far away.