As Pittsburgh’s beer scene has grown, so has the food truck scene — food trucks are almost exclusively the only food options to post up at area breweries, feeding the hungry, growler-toting masses.  But a veteran (dare we say the OG) of the city’s craft brewing scene, Scott Smith of East End Brewing Company, is raising the brewery food bar this spring with a new in-house brewpub from acclaimed Lawrenceville chef Justin Severino and his partner Hilary Prescott Severino.

“Scott and I have been friends for a long time,” Severino said. “His beer has been a presence on the menus at Cure and Morcilla since we opened our doors, so in a way it feels like we have been collaborating for ages. We’ve talked about working together on a project for years, so when he approached me with this opportunity I just couldn’t say no.”

The brewpub at the brewer’s Larimer flagship will feature a 130-seat space and will be a casual spot to enjoy happy hour or dinner while sampling East End’s featured beers.  The menu, while still in the works, will be vegetable-heavy in an effort to expand from Severino’s meat-forward restaurants, Cure and Morcilla.  Look for dishes like poutine, spaetzle with Brussels sprouts, a falafel pita and escarole salad with creamy lemon-fennel dressing. For those looking for some meat to pair with their brew, Severino is also planning bratwurst, Italian sausage sandwiches, lamb merguez, and a small list of charcuterie (some of which will be new even to Cure and Morcilla superfans). The patio space also will be reworked to capitalize on warm weather activities that could include some outdoor cooking by Severino. Do pig roasts sound amazing to anyone else?!

So if you needed an excuse to drink more beer in 2018, here it is.