With the 2018 Winter Olympics a little over a week away, it’s time to get planning. Not everyone shares your love of the opening ceremonies or pairs ice dancing so in years past it required planning and coordination to ensure optimal viewing pleasure.  But that’s all changing with a PyeongChang party waiting for you every night of the games at Downtown’s latest pop-up, Aprés Ski Lodge.  

Housed at Evangeline inside the Distrikt Hotel, Aprés Ski Lodge is a wintry ski-lodge inspired pop-up in collaboration with Lawrenceville’s Toll Gate Revival.  Running all of February, head upstairs to Aprés Ski Lodge to find vintage lodge vibes with a special menu of cocktails and snacks tailored for Winter Games binging (which will be running on two giant TVs for the entire month).

Cocktails include lodge standards like hot chocolate, mulled wine (both, of course, doctored up and delicious) and ice cold Labatt’s alongside craft cocktail like The Vonn & Hubertus Von Hohenlohe.  On the snacks side, look no further than the cheese fondue, which we will be ordering on repeat for the duration of the pop-up. See the full menu below.

While Aprés Ski Lodge opens tonight (and you should go), you will definitely want to make plans for next week’s opening ceremony party that they will be throwing.  Plans are being finalized in the coming days which gives you plenty of time to get your gear ready to roll whether you are repping Team Iceland or the good ole U-S-A.