We love a good pop-up here at Urbanist. From temporary restaurants and seasonal bars to full-fledged residencies inside established, permanent spaces, some of Pittsburgh’s most exciting and unique openings in the past few years have been pop-ups.

Starting in February, our own Urbanist writer/editor Amy Roberts will launch a home and body pop-up shop inside Ruhling/Woven in Upper Lawrenceville. We sat down to talk with her about what to expect to see on the shelves during the shops’s limited run, from items made by established and up-and-coming Pittsburgh makers to sustainable products from far-flung brands.

Give us a rundown of the name — Ça Va. 

It’s a French phrase that I’ve always liked. It’s both a question and the response to the question: Like Ça va? Eh, ça va. it generally means “How’s it going?” and then just sort of an unaffected, “It’s okay.” It actually translates to something more like “It goes?“It goes.” which I just think is such a funny, very French thing — like eh, life just goes, which is really true most of the time.

What’s the general concept behind Ça Va? 

It’s a home and body shop, with two distinct groups of products that work together. I wanted to carry unisex bath and body products that are meant to replace the more disposable items that everyone uses. There’s definitely an emphasis on sustainability, but I don’t think anyone needs that explained to them or enforced on them — I just wanted to stock things that would make people excited to be more intentional about the items they use every day, and to think all of their belongings were cool and beautiful, even, say, their deodorant.

As far as the style of the space and the home products, I love things that are very natural, with a blend of Californian and Scandinavian influences, so you’ll definitely see a lot of that — lots of earthy ceramics, vintage textiles, and handmade decor items that are still really functional.

What products are you carrying? Which are you most excited about? 

We’ll have natural bath and wellness products from brands like Everyday Oil, Fat & the Moon, and Bathing Culture, plus home goods from brands like Yield Design Co. out of St. Augustine and 1767 Designs out of Nashville. There will also be some special, one-off collaborations with local Pittsburgh makers like Oatmeal, Bombabird and Hanna Dausch.

I’m excited about everything! It’s all stuff I love and use already, and I’m sure there are people in Pittsburgh who also love these brands and will be excited that they can shop them locally. If people aren’t already familiar with these items, I’m really confident that there’s truly something for everyone here, no matter your age, gender, budget, etc. It’s just good stuff that everyone could use.

Give us the details about how we can visit the shop. 

It’s officially opening on Saturday, February 8, and it will be open at least through the end of March. Ruhling/Woven will still be open in half the shop, too, so we’ll be operating under Kate’s normal hours (Wednesday through Sunday from 12 – 6).

We’re super excited for the launch of Ça Va, but we’re equally excited about the potential for even more pop-ups in the retail space. In the same vein as events like Made & Found, we’re crossing our fingers for more local brand collaborations, residencies from local makers, and other fun, non-traditional shopping experiences in Pittsburgh in 2020.

Ça Va 
Opening Friday, February 8 at Ruhling/Woven
5417 Butler Street