When you were a kid, you probably thought you’d be able to do and buy all kinds of cool things once you grew up. Ice cream for dinner? Sure! A sports car instead of a minivan? Definitely! Vacations every month? Absolutely! 

Unfortunately for some things (and maybe fortunately for others — lookin’ at you, ice cream bellyache), being an adult involves a bit more structure… and a whole lot more bill paying. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t occasionally treat yourself! We’re big believers in the whole “work hard, play hard” mantra over here, and that often involves the occasional indulgence or a gift to yourself. 

If you’ve been feeling extra responsible lately and you’re looking for a way to treat yourself, we’d love to suggest a few totally delicious, relaxing or just plain frivolous ideas for how you can do just that. 

A new ‘do (and some vino for courage). For many of us, even finding the time to squeeze in a hair appointment starts to seem impossible. If your schedule has been filling up more quickly than usual, take a breather and schedule a cut, color or both at our favorite Alchemy Dry Cut Lounge in Lawrenceville. The designy salon invites you to make time for glass of complimentary Spanish wine before your appointment for a little liquid courage and finishes each appointment with an Aveda shampoo/conditioning (pick the rosemerry-mint!) and expert styling. With your new cut looking fabulous, head across the street at Morcilla or Poulet Bleu to show it off over a celebratory cocktail.  

Fancy cheese for an evening in. Heading out for a night of wine and charcuterie at your favorite neighborhood haunt can get pricey fast, but you can create the same experience at home for a whole lot less. Use the money you’ll save by staying in head to Chantal’s in Bloomfield and allow yourself to splurge on the most expensive imported cheeses in the shop. Pair your spread with a bottle of red (and if you need a bottle, let The Warren steer you to treat-worthy section in their attached wine shop), your favorite candles and some good conversation with a friend — you won’t even miss the crowded restaurant vibe. 

That light fixture you keep eyeing. When it comes to splurging on yourself, we think that improving your home is the way to go. Unlike a trendy shirt or a meal that will be over before you know it, making thoughtful improvements to your home will make you happy and relaxed every single day. Whether you’ve been lusting after a light fixture from Schoolhouse or some handmade ceramics from Oatbird, beautiful and functional home goods are the ultimate gifts to yourself. 

A leisurely breakfast — on a weekday. We love rolling out of bed late on a Saturday for breakfast at one of our favorite spots, but very same breakfast feels fresh and new when you get to do it on a weekday. Instead of your usual grab-and-go pre-work breakfast, make time for a leisurely morning meal (and maybe even a mimosa) at Dianoia’s or Whitfield in the Ace Hotel the next time you want to add some excitement to your workday. 

A spurge-worthy fall wardrobe update. One of the best ways to feel instantly better about yourself? A little wardrobe refresh. Now that mornings are cooler and evenings have a chilly tinge once the sun goes down, we think it’s only right to want to invest in layering jackets from Franklin & Mercer or fall accessories from Number 14.