pork & beans   pork & beans

Pork & Bean’s is the newest project from two of the city’s top pork enthusiasts, Richard DeShantz (tako, Butcher and the Rye, Meat & Potatoes) & Keith Fuller (Root 174) set to debut in early Spring.  And like the openings of Deshantz’s other restaurants, expect the punchy pink & mint seats at the 6th Ave spot (Downtown) to be one of the hardest seats to snag once they open their two giant garage doors for business.

pork & beans   pork & beans

It would be easy to bill this business simply as BBQ but the duo seeks to cover much more ground at the pork-centric spot.  Look for home-y dishes like a house-made hot dogs & sausages to be served alongside eclectic dishes like country terrine & schnitzel.  As long as its pork-y, it could find its way on their menu.  Their massive smoker which will be integral to the ‘smoke heavy’ kitchen which will be cranking out dishes on a revolving basis and posted on a board with times when they will be ready.  Want brisket?  It will be out at 6pm and run until its sold out for the evening.  And since its only 5:15 and you want that delicious brisket, you have some time to kill (read: beers to drink).

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Beer will be the star with the bar planning an impressive program from their reclaimed sink basins with over 35 beers on draft.  The beer focus carries beyond the bar with a wall stacked high with PorkSlap cans in the shape of a pig as a backdrop for high top bar and communal tables reminiscent of a beer garden.  While Deshantz & Fuller’s other restaurants are more formal in terms of seating, both wanted Pork & Beans to have a level of accessibility to ‘pop in for a beer before a Pirate’s game’ and not have to worry about finding a seat.  So in addition to the 100+ seats in the restaurant, there will also be high tops & drink rails all aimed for a bar vibe which is much needed in Downtown.

pork & beans      pork & beans

Excited?  Us too.

Pork & Beans

136 6th Street, Downtown

Opening: Early Spring