Our annual spring motto is a simple one…treat yourself. I mean seriously, we’ve spent winter tricking ourselves into gym & budget goals that are ridiculous.  They worked for a little but then just left us feeling guilty, reaching for the Halo Top (cause its healthy ice cream but also that totally wrecked our budget at $6/pint).   Summer already is filling up with weekend commitments from your college friend’s wedding in Chicago to the family vacation to that friend that guilts you into agreeing to bbq plans in July now.

So that leaves you with spring.  It’s your time to shine.  Here is what we are looking forward to most in the coming months on our mission to treat ourselves:


x Cure’ated Series. When Justin Severino’s acclaimed restaurant Morcilla made Bon Appetit’s top 10 new restaurants in 2016, instead of calling his fellow nominated restaurants to congratulate them he did one better.  He invited them to Pittsburgh to cook.  Dubbed the Cure’ated Series (get it), the series features chefs from kitchens with the most sought-after reservations to Pittsburgh from the evening.  Restaurants include Vernick (Philadelphia), Lord Stanley (San Francisco) and Buxton Hall (Asheville),  Beast (Toronto) and more. Find more information on the upcoming event here.

x Tasting of all the new chef’s stations at Smallman Galley. Like four restaurant openings in one, the new class of Smallman Galley is set to debut in June and we are stoked for the concepts.   The new stations include Iron Born (Detroit style pizza), brunoise (refined ‘good food’), Banhmilicious (fast-casual Vietnamese fusion) and Colonia (Latin American); all a departure from the solid initial class at Smallman that end their run on May 28th.  Our plan for hitting them all? A big group of friends and multiple rounds of ordering snacking through each menu.

x Kaya’s Kamayan Tuesday Dinners. Every Tuesday, you and your friends can dive into a Filipino feast served on banana leaves and eaten entirely with your hands.  For $35/head and a reservation for at least two (but the more the merrier), you will get this deluxe spread and a full belly. More details here.

Parties & Events

x Cinco de May at Round Corner Cantina. If there is a bar you want to be at for Cinco de Mayo this Friday, it’s Cantina.  Look for a PACKED house with the return of the patio with a fully rebuilt bar, music by DJ Juan Diego and LOTS of tequila, margaritas, and tacos.  More details here.

Cinco de Mayo is this Friday and if you get there early enough, you can lock down the best booth ????

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x Legume’s Tenth Birthday Party. True to form, rather than offer up a high-end coursed dinner, the folks at Legume are keeping it low-key and fun.   For their tenth celebration (an amazing feat for any restaurant!), they are roasting a whole goat for no doubt amazing tacos alongside snacks, Costar beers, and an old school sundae bar.  So if you are looking for us on 5/17, you know where to find us.  Details here.

x Mattress Factory’s Garden Party.  Easily one of the best parties of the year, look for this year’s event to be even more over the top celebrating the venerated museum’s 40th anniversary!  At first glance, tickets can seem high but trust us, this isn’t your typical gala with dancing, open bars, food from our favorite restaurants and more.  Members also get a nice discount, so if you aren’t already a member you might want to do that first. Dual annual membership $75. Membership discount on two tickets $40. Single entry for two w/o membership $40.  So you member pays for itself in one visit after the party!  More information here.


You either like them or you don’t.  But we think there are some solid shows coming through town that has us breaking out our calendar to squeeze them all in! Our (very aspirational) list includes The XX, Chance the Rapper (sold out but there is always Stubhub), Future Islands, Wale, Sam Hunt, Mac DeMarco, Whitney, Glass Animals, Parque Courts, Sigur Ros, Nick Cave and Banks.  And just think, if you bought tickets to them all, it’s still WAY less than tickets to Fyre Fest and they all have bars and bathrooms.

And remember…