We’re going to let you in on a little secret: you don’t technically need a reason to treat yourself to a spa day. You don’t have to wait for your birthday or a vacation or even a back injury to pop in for a massage, and you definitely don’t have to have a big event coming up to sneak off and get a pedicure. Who knew?

In fact, there’s even a name for this type of “me time” now: self care. Self care isn’t just trendy internet slang, it’s a valid way to make yourself feel better, look better and get your mind a bit more centered. Tom and Donna had it totally right on Parks and Rec when they dedicated an entire day every year to treating themselves — and we’re going to show you how to do the same here in Pittsburgh.

The Spa at the Fairmont Hotel. Imagine this: a few minutes spent relaxing in the cedar sauna before wandering over for a sit in the fragrant eucalyptus steam room, all while you wait for your 120-minute deep tissue massage and facial that leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed. Sound good? If you’re looking for serious luxury on your spa day in Pittsburgh, you’ll find it all in one place at the Fairmont Hotel downtown. After all that relaxing, treat yourself to a cocktail or tea at Fl. 2, maybe the prettiest restaurant in town…cause you deserve it.

Happy Feet Reflexology. This hidden gem couldn’t be further from the Fairmont but ask in-the-know Pittsburghers and they will tell you it’s perfect for a spa day on a budget. Happy Feet is located right on the main drag of East Carson Street, but its Chinese reflexology massages are a world away from the debauchery at the bars next door. Book a quick, 30-minute foot massage or even a 120-minute deep tissue massage and settle into one of their colorful lounge chaise lounges for a spa experience without the day-long commitment.

Evolve Wellness Spa. 

This Shadyside spa is beloved by spa traditionalists, and for good reason. You can enjoy massage, acupuncture, facials and waxing in cozy, private treatment rooms, and since the full staff offers all kinds of massage and skincare services, it’s easy to book an entire spa day all in one place.

Mookshi Wellness Center.

If you’re into natural healing and wellness, Mookshi Wellness Center in Regent Square is the place to go on your self care day. This charming studio is tucked away in a sleepy square just off of the always busy Braddock Avenue (where are all those cars going), but once you step inside, the smell of burning sage and essential oils will make you feel like your stress is melting off your shoulders. Book a deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage or integrative reflexology session, depending on your needs and wants, and then stick around for a session in the infrared sauna or a restorative yoga class from one of the experienced instructors. (Pro tip: once you’re done, head next door to Madeleine Bakery for a croissant to help you re-fuel.)

Crown Barber.

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Are you a dude who usually goes to a cheapie $10 chain barber or a lady who never feels like the traditional salon gets your short ‘do quite right? Enter Crown Barber, your perfect spot for a seriously good cut. Instead of popping in and out of whatever hair salon you pass on your way home from work, take the time to make an appointment at this stylish Garfield barber shop and kick back while you enjoy a traditional cut and a whole new look that’s well worth the few extra bucks.

Pittsburgh Float.

Sensory deprivation tanks may seem like something from the future (or something terrifying, depending on your level of claustrophobia), but devotees swear that “floating” is one of the best ways to clear your mind, release stress and relieve the muscle tension that attributes to a ton of different ailments. Head to Shadyside to schedule a session with Pittsburgh Float and spend an hour floating in a pool of highly dense, warm salt water inside of a light- and sound-proof tank.

Lead Image by Evolve Wellness Spa.