Urbanist is joining hands with Round Corner Cantina (they are oddly soft) to pull together two events bound to make your 2013 go out with a bang; our Brunch Party with Perrier Jouet & our NYE Masquerade.   We might just bring a sleeping bag and hang out the on the 30th so we don’t have to leave.  Here is why you should too!

Brunch Party:  Champagne and brunch go together like peanut butter and jelly.  And we happen to be sponsored by some of the best jelly in town, Perrier Jouet Champagne.  Join Urbanist + Round Corner Cantina + Perrier Jouet for the first in a monthly series of brunch parties.  The day starts when you walk in the door and we hand you a glass of champagne on us.  Then its to a new brunch menu from Cantina and tunes by DJ Edgar Um.  And then it gets wild.  We drawn the blinds, you all dance, drink champagne, and dance some more.  Brunch rolls til 4pm so make sure you hydrate in between Perrier Jouet giveaways and bottle specials.   Tables are limited so reservations are strongly recommended (email at   And if you come, make sure you clink glasses with Derek Burrell or Kelly Carter for their birthdays!


MASQUERADE : NYE 2014: NYE is one of those nights that is filled with hype and stress.  So here is your plan.  Join Round Corner or friends like Tamari, Spoon or Root 174 for dinner and then head over to Round Corner at 9pm for MASQUERADE NYE 2014.  It might be the best deal in town on a night that is always outrageously expensive for no particular reason; $20 gets you a champagne split, snacks, and DJ sets by Edgar Um / Jarret Tebbets / Master Heat.  Expect dancing, bottles with sparklers, and general good times.  Hell, we’d pay $20 just so I don’t have to hear the stale 12/30 conversation of what to do on NYE, right?  Ticket are available here.