Five years seems like a long time ago.  Think about where you were hanging out in 2012 and tell me that it doesn’t seem like it was ages ago.  And while those beers and late night Ritter’s trips feel like another lifetime, our first Urbanist Guide feels like it was yesterday.  Now here we are with Urbanist Guide’s fifth edition…our baby is growing up.

Thinking back to our first guide, we thought we had the best guide we could pull together.   People like Cure, Noodlehead, Wigle Whiskey had just opened their doors.  The city was starting to hum with people boomeranging back and new residents moving in. New ambitious businesses were testing the waters in neighborhoods like Downtown, Upper Lawrenceville, and East Liberty.  It was an exciting time to launch a project like Urbanist to showcase the brazen new Pittsburgh that was emerging.

Fast forward and you can find some of the most sought after tables in Downtown along with thousands of new residents.  East Liberty & Lawrenceville have moved from ‘up-and-coming’ neighborhoods to benchmarks of vibrancy for the next generation of neighborhoods.  Those shops that were opening their first location are on to their second or third venture.  To look back and see all of this happening in five years seems remarkable.   

In our first edition, we felt we had a solid group of 152 locations. Now, we easily could have a guide of 200-250 locations making our list more challenging to pull together each year.  It is also worth noting that of those 152 businesses from the first guide, over a third are in issue number five.  In a world where new & now reigns supreme, it is a testament to the quality of each of those enterprises that they perennially make our list.  Along the way, we have had to say goodbye to some spots we loved.  But that has just made room for the amazing new partners for us to work with in 2017-2018!

So beginning today, you can find this pup (#uptownclark, who can’t get enough of himself) and the lovely Aitya Jones of Ace Hotel gracing the cover of our fifth (and favorite) edition at fine locations across the city. We also have some good stuff in store for this year like our year-long partnership with Ace Hotel (more details on that soon), the return of some of our favorite events from over the years, loads of giveaways and more.  We hope you love this edition of Urbanist as much as we do.

Q &A with cover girl, Atiya Jones of Ace Hotel

Urbanist Guide Cover 2017

  • x What’s Your Position at the Ace: I’m the Operations Attache for Ace Hotel PGH. Which kind of means I’m a human axle.
  • x Favorite flavor at Millie’s: Spiced Prune. I feel like it’s me as ice cream.
  • x How do you take your coffee: Hot, with almond milk and at the bus stop.
  • x Favorite & least favorite bridge: Bridges are acts of engineering gods. I bow to them all.
  • x Favorite museum in the city: The Warhol & The Museum of Contemporary Craft. I think they both embrace stories of artistic outliers that I greatly identify with as a (creative) person.
  • x Your last meal in PGH would be: A full order of perogies, yogurt on the side from Apteka, finished with one of their apple tarts (and a bottle of Rhinestone).
  • x Childhood fear: Maybe childhood itself? I didn’t really understand other children so I hung out with my teachers & school administrators a lot. ?