Did you know Urbanist’ home base is in Uptown? Did you Open Streets kicks off the season this Sunday?  And did you know the for the first time Open Streets runs through Uptown?  No?  Well, now you do! To celebrate the kickoff of Open Streets and its inaugural path through our hood, we are partnering up with a couple friends to liven up your Sunday morning bike/rollerblade/walk/run/unicycle/skateboard through Uptown.

Joining us at our little pop-up at the corner of Forbes Ave & Van Braam St will be Ace Hotel/Whitfield, Joan & #UptownClark!  Joan, who’s Lawrenceville stop/studio stocks some of the city’s prettiest womenswear and homegoods, will be setting up a succulent & plant sale.  Pick out a cute new plant friend for your kitchen or office and pair it with a tiny pot.

Joining Joan is Ace Hotel & Whitfield, who will be bringing the fuel for your walk across the Birmingham & 10th St Bridges with their signature Stumptown Coffee and breakfast pastries from James Beard nominated in-house pastry chef, Casey Renee.  Cause really, a four-mile walk on a Sunday morning absolutely calls for multiple cups of coffee along the way.

Urbanist Guide Cover 2017

To top it all off, you can also meet Urbanist cover dog, Clark who would be happy to sign the latest copy of Urbanist Guide for you…the fame has totally gone to his little puppy head.

So get those walking shoes ready and we will see you Sunday morning between 9a-12p.  And make sure to make the full four-mile loop to see friends like Piper’s Pub who is hosting a block party and Bluebird Kitchen who will be open special for the day with a full brunch menu.

*** Open Street is a will close a 4 mile loop from through Downtown, Uptown and the South Side to traffic making the roads a pedestrian paradise.  The closure runs from 9a-12p.  For full details visit openstreetspgh.org ****