Hands down, one of my favorite parts of Urbanist is continually exploring this beautiful city.  By this, I mean I get to embrace my innate nebby nature by stopping, jumping off the bus or pulling over at any spotting of brown paper.  Specifically brown window paper.  To me, there is nothing more exciting than a storefront covered in brown paper: It could be hiding Pittsburgh’s next big thing or nothing at all.  Either way, it’s the thrill of the hunt to find out more about whatever the space with the hopes of finding a new Urbanist partner.

And Pittsburgh, in 2014 and early 2015 you have not disappointed.  You’ve kept me busy with a slug of new openings.  From poppy new boutiques and cozy dining rooms to established favorites continuing  impress, it has been a difficult challenge to narrow my list down to 152 businesses.  But 152 it must be!  So join me in welcoming our newest editions (alongside many others not listed here from our 2014 guide) to the Urbanist family!

Many are new to the city, some are established, but in all cases these are exceptional independent businesses that I am excited to include in our third guide with cover art by Brian Holderman.

4121 Main Grapparia Taglio_Pizza-2

Food/Drink: Altius, tako , The Commoner, The Vandal, Pizza Taglio (pictured), Little Tokyo Bistro, La Palapa, Verde, Amazing Cafe, 4121 Main(pictured), Bantha Tea Bar, Bread & Salt Bakery, Five Points Artisan Bakery, Market Street Grocery,Wild Purveyors/Full Pint Wild Side Pub, Grapperia (pictured), Fat Head’s Salon, Voodoo Homestead, Spirit & The Ballroom.


Arts & Culture: Contemporary Craft (pictured), Paint Monkey, Stage AE, Spaces Corners, PGH Cultural Trust, Redraven Studios, Reiko Yamamoto Studios, Tugboat Printshop & Perry and Co.

Ragged Row Untitled Number 14

Shops and Services: Graham’s Barber Shop, Ragged Row (pictured), Staghorn Garden Cafe, West Liberty Cycles (pictured), Decade, No. 14 (pictured) & Trim