With Halloween and the change of season upon us; we went to our favorite metaphysical, Leslie McAllister of Juju, to take a look into the upcoming ghostly season!

Happy Samhain – Summer has come to a close, in fact, Samhain means “summer’s end.” We have begun our descent into the underworld.  The nights are creeping in faster and the veil is thin. Halloween is a time to connect with our ancestors and honor their legacy in remembrance. The veil between worlds vanishes so we can have that closeness to those who have gone before us. Enjoy the night!

There is much work on self that can be done now. Venus is still retrograde until November 16th. This means we are checking in on relationships, as our dear Venus rules love and all things beautiful. How are you loving yourself? How are you loving others? Where in your relationships should you soften and where could you use more boundaries? 

We have also entered into Scorpio season, an astrological time ranging from October 23rd – November 21st.  A period of mystery, facing your shadow, diving deep into your emotions, seeking answers; you may find yourself staying inside and snuggling with your familiars and a warm candle. 

And just as Venus stations direct on November 16th, Mercury retrograde will begin November 17th – December 6th. Everyone freaks over this time but I think of it as a period to really slow down. That’s what Mercury is doing s l o w i n g  down. This is a time to reconfigure plans, reanalyze a situation, reorganize your closet, review your finances before the fast paced holiday season. 

Be good to yourselves now. Take it easy. Don’t rush. Shhh. Listen. 

Tarot Outlook for October 29th – November 4th

You have arrived. What you set out to accomplish has been a real success and you’re riding a high. With this heart full of pride and love you’re feeling especially open to new things; maybe even more spiritually aware. Things look different, more clear and opportunities are coming from every direction. Take time to offer a nod, a gift or a donation of gratitude. For when we achieve something of magnitude it is very important to give back. As we accept the newness coming in, its time to let go of outmoded belief systems and things that are too heavy to carry. When we set down what no longer serves us we free up space for more flow to come our way. It’s time to move on from something in your life as this achievement has shown you. It’s time to set out on a new, exciting path for greatness! How will you use this new found knowledge to inspire others? 

P.S. don’t forget to vote November 6th it’s time for change – use your voice. 

Love you all – Leslie

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