For some people, the word “trendy” is a little bit cringe-inducing. Whether you’re talking about clothes, home decor, or a buzzworthy restaurant, some trends are just that — things that are hot right now, but have little staying power. On the other hand, some things are trendy for a reason: because they’re cool, because they’re innovative, and because, well, people just like them.

There are a few trends in food, retail and design that we’ve been seeing pop up all over the city, and we really take notice when places do them right. Here are our five favorite trends from this summer (and where you can go to enjoy them without a shred of guilt).

Hexagon Tile at Crown Barber Shop

We’ll be the first to admit that we’re serious tile fanatics, whether it’s in the form of clean, classic subway tile or vintage-inspired hexagon tile. At Crown Barber Shop over in Garfield, the hexagon tile floors give the space a retro barber shop feel, and give you something to admire while you’re looking down during your trim. Others doing it right: Lorelei, The Vandal, dressing room at No.14.

Fast-Casual Fare in Stylish City Digs

From build-your-own poke bowls at Kahuna to fried chicken sandwiches paired with libations that rival the slushies of our youth at Bird on the Run, fast-casual is back in a bold, stylish way. Bluebird Kitchen downtown offers grown-up, organic food served cafeteria-style for your busiest work days, and Choolah Indian BBQ takes your favorite curries and makes them easy to grab and go (or order on Postmates).

Rosé… just about anywhere, really.

We love rosé. It’s the perfect wine for any time of day, it’s just as dry as it is easy to sip, and it just looks pretty when swirl it in your glass. We could definitely do without all the corny rosé-themed T-shirts, but isn’t that how so many trends go? Instead of wearing your love of rosé on your clothing, pair it with fresh oysters at Poulet Bleu, enjoy a glass on the new patio (and from the new wine menu!) at The Vandal, at happy hour at Merchant Oyster Co. or in the stylish digs at Union Standard.

Crystals at Juju

Whether you’re into crystal healing or not, you can’t deny that this ancient ritual is catching on with the masses in a big way. If you’re interested in learning about the various types of crystals and the right ways to use (for example, how on earth do you charge a crystal?), there’s nowhere better than Juju in Point Breeze to learn about everything from Amethyst to Zincite.

The Plant Wall at Fish nor Fowl

They’ve been teasing us for months and but finally you can get a seat and admire the “living wall” at Fish nor Fowl in Garfield. The newest venture from the DeShantz group took over the former Salt of the Earth space, and while many will be sad to see that the iconic slate wall that showcased the Salt menu is gone, this trendy but undeniably gorgeous plant wall is a great way to mark its new beginnings. Others doing it right: Whitfield’s pothos wall, Andy’s palm-covered patio


Over at Rad Ritual, Chloe Nordlander’s team of modern holistic healers sell CBD-infused oils, bath bombs, candles and more. If you’re not familiar with CBD, it’s an abbreviation for “Cannabidiol”, which is a naturally occurring part of cannabis that provides the medicinal benefits of the plant without the psychoactive effects (the short version: you get all the good stuff from cannabis without actually feeling stoned.)