Like other holidays, plans are stressful.  This friend wants to go here, the others there.  No plans are set until 8:59 as you walk out the door.   But maybe we can help you out.  Here is a slug of some solid options to start pitching to your friends now so maybe you can have some plans set at 8:58 or maybe even earlier!

Greetings Earthlings: The Livermore/Cloak Room

  • Date: 10/31, 8pm-2am
  • Players: DJ sets by Tracksploitation (PIT)
  • Vibe: Kitsch meets cocktails.
  • Cost: No cover

Halloween_Poster_justDJ (1)

Devil’s Night: Cantina

  • 11/1; 10pm-2am
  • Players: DJ sets by Brenmar (NYC), Bamboo (PIT) & Edgar Um (PIT)
  • Vibe:  Loud, dance-y hip-hop Halloween.
  • Cost: $10 after 10pm


Vamp Metal Halloween: Allegheny Wine Mixer

  • 10/31; 5pm-1am
  • Players: Vampire staff, DJ Miss Mungo (PIT)
  • Vibe: The classics: Metal & Vampire Movies
  • Cost: No Cover


Hitchcock: Carrie Furnace

  • 11/1; 8pm-1am.
  • Players: The Brew Gentlemen, Independent Brewing Co., Bar Marco, Food Trucks
  • Vibe: Abandoned creepy mill turned rave with dj, booze and more.
  • Cost: $35 (three drinks included); tickets purchased here

hitchcock poster

Day of the Dead: Cantina

  • 11/1, 10pm-2am
  • Players: G-Flux (DC) , Pandemic (PIT), Edgar Um (PIT)
  • Vibe: Brassy latino beats, sugar skull faces, tequila.
  • Cost: $10 after 10.