Interiors with Impact: A Monmade Exhibition @ Pittsburgh Glass Center

Venue: Pittsburgh Glass Center
Location: 5472 Penn Avenue
Event Details:

Pittsburgh supports a vibrant and growing ecosystem of craft businesses, maker enterprises, entrepreneurial artists, and design-build shops. Interiors with Impact showcases a wide variety of their products, ranging from lighting to furniture to home goods to wall coverings. The exhibition demonstrates that consumers can keep it local when solving their personal or professional design challenges.

“This exhibit highlights examples of local producers engaging in design thinking and craft manufacturing. Their creative output is beautiful, but also illustrates their potential to grow into business that impact the economy in meaningful ways,” said Director of the Craft Business Accelerator Adam Kenney.

Over 20 producers will be featured. They use traditional handwork techniques and advanced manufacturing processes to transform raw and/or reclaimed materials into inspired products with durability, utility, and good design.