Monmade 2017 Summer Showcase @ Ace Hotel - May 19, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

Venue: Ace Hotel
Location: 120 S. Whitfield Street
Event Details:

Connoisseurs of local goods are invited to a showcase with over 50 of the Pittsburgh region’s most exciting craft businesses, maker enterprises, design/build shops, and entrepreneurial artists. The event will feature new products and processes developed by these MONMADE producers including textiles, wallcoverings, lighting, furniture, tableware, and home goods.

WHAT IS IT? will feature the products, producers, projects, partnerships, and places fostering craft manufacturing in the Pittsburgh region. The website will be an evolving online lookbook to help you connect with local producers and their products.

MONMADE offers local solutions to your personal or professional design challenges. We help you discover and collaborate with the creative people making specialty goods in Pittsburgh. Whether it’s glass pendant lights for a major development or a ceramic cup for a good friend, MONMADE lets you keep it local.

MONMADE is a network and platform developed by the Craft Business Accelerator (CBA) at Bridgeway Capital. The CBA provides local producers (craft businesses, maker enterprises, design/build shops, and entrepreneurial artists) with greater access to capital, guidance, markets, peers, space, and workforce – the essential elements of business success. The CBA aims to create a vibrant craft manufacturing ecosystem that revitalizes the Pittsburgh region’s disinvested areas and produces quality manufacturing jobs.

This event is made possible with sponsorship from the urban redevelopment authority of Pittsburgh.