Each month, we ask one of Pittsburgh's chefs: What do you do and how do you eat when you're out of the kitchen?

Csilla Thackray

Hungarian Warrior Princess,  The Vandal ,  http://www.thevandalpgh.com/
Live: Lawrenceville
Work: Lawrenceville
How Long: 2 Years

What do you cook at home?
When I do have a chance to actually cook, I like to make a lot of soups and stews. But scrambled eggs with some veggies and toast is my go-to.


When you’re out of the kitchen, where do you like to dine?
Anywhere and everywhere. I like to oscillate between dining occasions, such as Cure or Legume, and more comforting meals, such as Pusadee’s Garden or Dish.

Where do you go for a drink?
Allegheny Wine Mixer or Butterjoint.

Where do you spend your days off?
I spend most of my time at the farm with my horse or at home with my cats.

What would you do if you had a weekend off and it wasn’t a holiday?
I would get a room at the lodge in Peek n’ Peak and spend the weekend skiing/warming up by the fire. We spent a large portion of my childhood skiing at that resort, so there is a lot of nostalgia there for me.

What made you decide to be a chef?
I definitely identify as a cook rather than a chef, but I think what made me want to cook was the memories that food evokes. Growing up in an Italian/Hungarian family, food was what literally brought everyone together. I think I just wanted to be able to create that for others…that sense of togetherness.