Each month we ask one of our favorite Pittsburghers the question:

If you only had 24 hours to show a friend the best that urban Pittsburgh has to offer, where would you take them?

Erica Roney

Full Time Student | Marketing Intern,  Point Park University | Urbanist,  Live: Downtown
Work: Downtown
How Long: 4 years


Breakfast is essential for a day of classes and 9-hour shifts at my restaurant job (yes, I’m that crazy that I work too!). Before I head to class I love to walk to Blue Bird Kitchen and see what they have going on. It’s always creative and always delicious. Now, brunches…are a different story. I work every Friday and Saturday night, so I make sure to mark my calendar for the monthly Urbanist and Round Corner Cantina Brunch Party. Where else will I find my brunch, champagne, DJs, and dance floor?


No questions asked, the best is Cocoa Café. Recently introduced, I have found myself working my way down their menu and have yet to be less than incredibly satisfied. But, if I have a day with short breaks between classes or am running off to work, I head over to Nicky’s Thai Kitchen for a college budget-approved lunch special or grab my roommate and head over to Stone for a wood-fired margherita pizza.


Working as a server and bartender, I’m often just looking for a laid back environment with a delicious menu. Once the weather breaks, (hoping that’s sooner rather than later) I’ll bee-line to Pusadee’s Garden. Tucked away with a beautiful patio, BYOB and a big bowl of Pad Thai makes for a relaxing hideout. As for now, I’ll stay warm in Kaya’s tropical getaway in the Strip District. Tapas style is my favorite way to dine and their small plates are always creative and delicious.


Drinks are essential after spending a night waiting on customers who are “gluten free” and prefer their drinks’ made “sugar free.” In search of good music and well-made drinks, New Amsterdam never disappoints. However, sometimes when I’m looking to sit and chill, I hit up the 40+ selection of craft beers at Sienna Mercato’s third floor Beer Garden and take in the view of my beautiful city.