It's no secret Pittsburgh has some of the richest sports history in the country. Each month we ask one of our favorite Pittsburghers:

What else makes this city great?

Julia Weiskopf

Owner,  Jules,
Live: Lawrenceville
Work: Lawrenceville
How Long: 1 year

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Point Breeze and then Squirrel Hill. I attended Winchester Thurston in Shady Side and then Taylor Allderdice for High School, so basically East End born and raised!


When did you move here and why?
As a kid, I couldn’t wait to leave Pittsburgh to have bigger and perhaps more stylish adventures.  I left as soon as I could, heading to Boston for college and then went right to NYC where I stayed for almost 7 years working as an entertainment publicist. But Pittsburgh is magnetic; I was drawn back here two and a half years ago and am here to stay. It’s a very different city than the one I grew up in and still changing and growing in amazing ways; I am thrilled to be part of it again.


Besides our sports, what do you think makes PGH great?
Pittsburgh is unlike any other city. I tell people this all the time and they don’t understand until they visit. You can be in one neighborhood experiencing something unique and travel 5 minutes by car or even walking and be somewhere entirely different, yet special in it’s own way. Not to mention it’s beautiful architecture juxtaposed with rolling hills and rivers. There’s a real gritty history here that makes Pittsburgh unique, but it is evolving into something entirely new; I’m thrilled and humbled to be involved in it in my own way now.