It's no secret Pittsburgh has some of the richest sports history in the country. Each month we ask one of our favorite Pittsburghers:

What else makes this city great?

Phoebe Downey

Program Manager,  Envision Downtown,
Live: Lawrenceville
Work: Downtown
How Long: 2 Years

Where did you grow up?
I spent my first 11 years in south-west London, England and the next seven in Dorking, England a town about an hour south of London.

Where else have you called home and what brought you back to PGH/keeps you in PGH?
I did my undergrad degree in Baltimore where I met my husband (then boyfriend). He moved to Pittsburgh to start his PhD five years ago and convinced me to join him a year later. At the time I was unconvinced. I’m now very glad he was so persuasive and very happy to be able to call Pittsburgh home.

Besides out sports, what do you think makes PGH great?
Pittsburgh has a lot of heart. There is a pride and sense of community here that is almost overwhelming at first. Pittsburgher’s love Pittsburgh and want you to love it too. It’s hard not to get infected with that passion.

It’s a place where the urban lifestyle is open and attainable in a way it’s not in other cities. Culture, entertainment, food and yes, sports; aren’t intimidating or pretentious, they invite you in to participate and be part of them. Our public life is vibrant and takes on so many different characters neighbourhood to neighbourhood but it’s always uniquely Pittsburgh. Plus the geography is pretty spectacular both to look at and explore. If you are tired of the city and need to catch your breath you can be out in the mountains or enjoying one of the rivers with very little effort.

What are you most excited about for PGH future?
There is this underlying common energy here that is constantly asking how do we make Pittsburgh even better? Whether it’s through new technology or new restaurants or community development Pittsburgh is reinventing the role that it takes on the national and international stage. More and more you hear from non-Pittsburgher’s ‘wow Pittsburgh is doing some really cool things.’ It’s exciting to be part of that process.

Where do we need to grow to continue to better ourselves?
Pittsburgh needs to continue to attract and retain talent and increasing diversity is important. Cities are places for ideas to come together and for innovation to happen. The more backgrounds, the more viewpoints these ideas emerge from the more innovative and successful the end products will be. We need to be looking at policies and approaches that foster that not hinder it. At the same time, we need to make sure that all Pittsburghers get to participate in and benefit from all the exciting changes and successes that we are seeing.