When it comes to breakfast, we prefer ours round, handheld and carb-heavy. We don’t play favorites when it comes to donuts or bagels, but we do play favorites when it comes to where to find them (because if you’re looking to indulge, you better do it right).

Here are our picks for the best donuts and bagels in Pittsburgh — it wasn’t an easy decision, but it was a delicious one.


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Happy Friday! Open today 7am-2pm

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Pigeon. When it comes to bagels in Pittsburgh, Pigeon has cornered the market. The independent bagel operation started by selling homemade bagels and spreads at farmers markets across the city, but after opening a storefront in Squirrel Hill earlier this year, they’ve made it a little harder to snag their kosher bagels by pulling all their wholesale accounts and only selling out of their new location. But if you think that has cut into our intake, think again.  We are making that trek to Squirrel Hill early and often for their perfect bagels and Redhawk Coffee.

Acorn. Three words: Dill-cured salmon. Sound good? Then you’ll want to head to Acorn for Sunday brunch to snag one of these ultra-fancy bagel sammies, which are made even tastier with cucumber, red onion and a caper shmear. They are so good, we think they deserve an outpost all to themselves…just saying Acorn.

Spirit. Did you know that your favorite place for late night pizza and even later nights of dancing is also a great spot for your morning bagel? It’s true — Spirit serves bagel sandwiches loaded with lox perfect for nursing your morning hangover.


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Doughnut today is plum peanut crunch now-2

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Bitter Ends Luncheonette. Bitter Ends is our choice for top donuts in the city, mainly because their flavor combinations are exciting and seemingly endless. You never know what you’re going to get when you stop in, but with combinations like butternut squash and parsley, you can be sure it will be one of the more fun breakfasts you’ve had in a while.

Dana’s Bakery. Head to Homewood for some of the city’s best donuts at this no-frills spot. While the flavors are pretty standard, they’re the best bang for your buck in the city at just around $7 a dozen.

Better Maid. Located in an adorable pink house in Crafton Heights, this donut shop is good enough to make even the most stubborn city dweller cross a river for their perfect treats. These donuts are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and totally old school in a way that donut purists will love.

Bluebird Kitchen. If you’re downtown, head to Bluebird for a great selection of breakfast options, including donuts that go with just about anything. Flavors like lemon poppy seed, strawberry cheesecake, and dark chocolate Kahlua are the perfect combination of classic and fun, and they taste even better when paired with a foamy cappuccino.

On our radar: the Monday-only donuts at Pie for Breakfast and the return of vegan donuts from Relish.