Just when you think you have Round Corner Cantina pinned down, they pull a trick like this.  Enter, Gold Series.

Bobbito Orion TrappyHour_April_4

Gold Series is Cantina’s new weekly event that is devoted bringing PGH a firm dose of classic hip hop.  Every Friday from 10pm-2am, they partner with resident DJ, Bamboo, to play ’90s realness’ and feature the occasional popup super-guest DJ alongside a nice little $5 Champagne special.  And they aren’t messing around.  Coming up this Friday, March 28, Gold Series is hosting the legendary  Bobbito Garcia, who broke the likes of Biggie, Jay-Z, Fugees, and more on his famed show radio show The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show.  They are following up on 4/4 with Peligrosa, an Austin collection of DJs killing it with new and old latin beats.  And they are just getting started.  To stay up to date with news on this series, check out our calendar and keep your Fridays open for bubbly and solid 90s hiphop.