You may have noticed by now (we hope you did!), but we recently launched a brand new sister publication to Urbanist. Denizen is a twice-annual print publication detailing art, design, transit, and technology in Pittsburgh with its first print edition set to debut this June. This little magazine acts as a super readable, beautifully designed companion to Urbanist, and it will be stocked in the same independent locations where you’ve always been able to find Urbanist in print.

So, what does this mean for Urbanist? On the print side of things, not too much — Urbanist will remain the same, still detailing the very best in Pittsburgh’s small business community in the form of a fun, foldable, carry-in-your-bag map with the 2020 edition slated for release in early fall. Denizen will take the shape of a more traditional magazine, with long-form articles, interviews, and more lifestyle-driven content, working together to show Pittsburgh how it exists today.

Online is where things will get really fun between the two. We’ll be migrating all of Urbanist’s blog content over to the Denizen side of things, so if you want to learn about our ten favorite cocktails in the city or your favorite bartender’s morning yoga routine, that’s where you’ll find it.

We recently launched our first collaborative post between Denizen and Urbanist (notice the new logo), and we’re going to be really ramping things up leading up to Denizen’s first print edition this June. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Denizen’s Instagram for links to our latest blog posts, and please feel free to shoot us an email or a DM with any hot tips, hot takes, or any other way you can dream of for us to work together.

Thank you for your continued support of Urbanist (and now Denizen!). It’s more important than ever to champion small businesses in our community, and we never forget how much less vibrant Pittsburgh would be without these eclectic, diverse, exciting restaurants, bars, shops and cultural destinations. With Urbanist, we’ve always aimed to show you how to find them, and with Denizen, we hope to dig a little deeper and learn about their stories and the people who make them what they are.