It's no secret Pittsburgh has some of the richest sports history in the country. Each month we ask one of our favorite Pittsburghers:

What else makes this city great?

Cody Baker

Founder,  Creatives Drink,
Live: Cultural District
Work: Downtown
How Long: 2 years

Where did you grow up?
Chippewa, about 40 minutes west of downtown.

Where else have you called home and what brought you back to PGH/keeps you in PGH?
Moved to Pittsburgh for college and immediately fell in love. I always knew I wanted to live in an urban environment, but Pittsburgh turned out to be the missing piece in my work. The energy and atmosphere inspires me and constantly motivates me to work harder. I stay here because my story is just getting started and this is the perfect setting.

Besides our sports, what do you think makes PGH great?
Pittsburgh is a small town disguised as a city. It’s not so much an urban jungle as it is a backyard. While we’ve managed to gain national recognition on several accounts, we’ve kept to our roots. The relationships I’ve formed in my time here, whether it be bartenders or the guys behind some of the best shops in town, have made me realize that we are all on the same team here. Everyone is supportive and friendly and ultimately we just want to see Pittsburgh thrive. I think that’s really awesome and pretty rare.

What are you most excited about for PGH future?
The fact that our city is growing and bursting with creativity. People are taking notice of it’s potential and acting on it, which results in tons of new concepts and ideas that would have never succeeded in Pittsburgh before. Creatives Drink gives people the opportunity to express themselves in this city and push past the barriers. We want to see what this city is capable of.

Where do we need to grow to continue to better ourselves?
More people need to be taking chances! We need more places to network, eat and simply be around. People sometimes prefer to stick to their comfort zone, which leaves little room for new groups of people to meet. The more our city interacts, the more we can grow and expand. When Chancelor Humphrey and I met we shared a common goal and now we have “Creatives Drink.” That’s the whole point of CD – get together with people you know and don’t know. Drink (for free). Talk. See what happens. Collaboration breathes innovation.